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Wee Forest Folk TS-1s "Turtle Jogger"

Wee Forest Folk TS-1s "Turtle Jogger"

$ 78.00

             Annette's "Forget-me-nots" ~In celebration of her 95th birthday.

 Annette is re-issuing eight of her very favorite early designs.  They are "modernized" the way they make them today and will appear in newly colored garments and a special base so as not to rival the originals. Each comes with a note card from Annette and a certificate of authenticity.
Wee Forest Folk will be presenting two "Forget-me-nots" each month from April through July. Once they have all the orders placed for that month they will be numbered and shipped to retailers the following month. Please note that because they are numbered, no orders can be taken later than the end of the ordering period for that month.

TS-1s Turtle Jogger ~Turtle jogger might be slow but he's persistent! Annette sculpted him when Willy was about to run a marathon in 1978. He was retired in 1979. Order before June 30, 2014. 2" x 1"

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