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Wee Forest Folk M-674 "Collectors Curio"

Wee Forest Folk M-674 "Collectors Curio"

$ 398.00

Wee Forest Folk M-674 "Collectors Curio" - A mouse collector with a curio cabinet filled with mini versions of Annette's mice! Customize this piece by choosing which mini versions of Annette's mice you would like to display. Purchase as pictured or customize your own. Ask your retailers for details. Sculpted by Willy. 2.375” x 2.625”

* The price of $398.00 is for the Curio and minis as it shows in M-674 (Curio, 5 minis, Mother and stool). 

If you would like to customize your Curio please see order form. Also, see some examples of minis displayed in other curios. You can choose color of Mother's dress, stool or no stool, little girl or not and then which minis you'd like to display and where in the curio. You can email us and let us know how you want your minis displayed in the curio by giving us the the name or number of the mini and the number in the curio you want your mini to be like; Baby Sitter on #7, Zelda on #5, etc...

We are here to help you if you need.

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